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Shinpei Yey! [entries|friends|calendar]
Shinpei Yey!

Welcome to Shinpei Yey!

Welcome to Shinpei Yey!, a Live Journal community dedicated to the Japanese actor and model, Takagi Shinpei. Please read the rules before joining!

This community is owned and moderated by Meganekko. Please contact her using this mail form for comments and inquiries.


Name: Takagi Shinpei (高木心平)
Birthday: October 22, 1985
Hometown: Aichi Prefecture
Height: 178cm
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Dancing, surfing, music, movie-watching
Special Skills: Basketball, Snowboarding
Favorite Musical Artists: Ketsume, HY, COLOR
Favorite Scent: Chanel
Family: Twin brother, Takagi Manpei

The Layout

This layout was created at Premade Ljs, Original header image was created by uk_nostalgia, edited by Meganekko. Images came from Nachural. Text from the song "AM 11:00" by HY. Romajii lyrics from Cori-chan.

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Happy 23rd Birthday to Takagi Manpei and Shinpei [October 22, 2008 @ 2:40am]

I was checking my calendar earlier, I saw that today (22) was their birthday. I was rushed and make a banner for them.

Happy birthday to the Takagi Twins!

Click here to see the banner~

[mods- please delete the entry if its not allowed to post it here. ^^]
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New Icons [January 28, 2008 @ 10:29pm]


Hey, today I bring more icons for you. (^ . ~ ;) I hope you enjoy!
This time I wanted to make icons of Takkii and Shinpei, because they are so hot (*o * o)~ . Feel free to get anyone you want but, please, if you use one of them credit me (@ _ @'). Just writing Icon by: <lj user="do-n"> on icon 'comment' tag, ok? (# ^ -^)o

There are 24 icons in gross.

[2] Nachural
[9] Takagi Shinpei
[13] Takiguchi Yukihiro


Comment please ~ Thank you!

X-POSTED, sorry!  @-@


[MOD] Parcel Project '08 [December 05, 2007 @ 3:16pm]


We, the moderators of the fan community shinpei_yey and manpei_yey have decided to set up a small parcel for the twin brothers Takagi Shinpei and Takagi Manpei. We were supposed to do this a lot earlier for their 22nd birthday but because of our academic and work obligations, we were unable to set things up. But we're finally able to squeeze in some time, and yes, we think it's about time to let them know that we, their overseas fans, are here supporting them!

Of course, to make this small parcel project really special, we have decided to come up with a theme, and the theme is... FOOD! If you're a frequent visitor of the twins' blogs, you noticed that they both love to go out, or cook, or eat homecooked dinner. We decided to make a small compilation for each twin (from shinpei-yey and one from manpei-yey: if you're a fan of both boys then feel free to contribute one for each!), and each compilation will be a scrapbook-like of sorts filled with pictures of food from your home country. You'll then write some information about the food in the picture, and then write your name and your home country. Don't forget to send your well-wishes!

We will try to make this parcel as organized as we can, so we set up some guidelines for everyone.

1.) Since we'll be making two compilations, Annie and I will be working on one book each. Annie is in charge of making the Manpei book and I'll be in charge of the Shinpei book.

2.) Please send us one picture of a food from your home country, write at least 5-10 sentences long describing what that food is about. You can also send in a greeting card or a letter with your well-wishes on it.

3.) A BIG NO-NO: Please do not send yaoi fanarts, real food, or messages that say that you download their show off somewhere, or say that he is better than the other twin. Do not write something that will make you, your home country, and your fellow international fans look bad. After all, they are being handled by one of the well-known talent agencies in Japan, so well all have to be careful.

4.) The deadline for sending in your contributions will be on February 29, 2007. Annie and I will be sending them the week after that. Please e-mail us at [myreasoninlife@gmail.com] and use the heading SHINPEI MAIL or MANPEI MAIL just so Annie and I know how many people/stuff are we going to wait for, and so that we could give our addresses to you. Again, Annie's preparing the Manpei book, and I'll be handling the Shinpei book.

As soon as we get the ball rolling, we will be updating you with what's happening (i.e. if we got the letters/photos already, if we started putting them all together, etc.), just so you could track the progress of the parcel project. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!

Annie and Angela
Moderators, shinpei_yey and manpei_yey
(The idea was originally from the Saitou Takumi "Travel" fan project. Thanks!)

Nachural Photobook and event [June 20, 2007 @ 3:36pm]

According to Takiguchi's blog; him, Ono Kento, Yuuki Juuta and Takagi Shinpei are having a photobook and special edition DVD (not sure if the DVD comes with the photobook)
The photobook features all 4 of them and is entitled "nachural". It would be released on the 29th of August.

Also, they are having an event on the 28th of October at Chinzanso in Tokyo (seems to be a high class place for important functions to be held). It costs 21,000 Yen (or USD 170) to attend ^^; and a minimum of 80 people is needed.
The cost covers:
A meal (since it is a high class place meals are expensive.)
Drinks (maybe they are free flow and include expensive alchohol?)
5 photos of them
Tax and etc

I think there would be some performances by them. More information could be found here
There is also a phamplet of them event that can be downloaded here

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[MOD] Community Updates [May 21, 2007 @ 1:32am]
Hello! Sorry for the very late update, since I've been busy with school (I still am, but it's summer class), but at least I finally found a time to check the community and make some changes and updates.

First of all, the community has a new layout! It's a pre-made one though, but I managed to whip up and edit the template for the community's use. Credits are on the sidebar. Hopefully the site isn't screwed up on your browsers!

Second, I made some changes with the rules of the community, as well as some updates on Shinpei's profile. You can view it on the community's profile page.

Speaking of profile page, I'll be needing everyone's help. It would be nice if our community's copy of his profile will be more or less complete, but I have some problems when it comes to tracking down the list of magazines where Shinpei had an interview/photo shoot. You can post your list (Format would be: TITLE OF MAGAZINE, Date of release) by posting a comment in this entry. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Lastly, I wanted to post this as early as I can. I'm interested in setting up a Birthday Parcel Project for both Shinpei and his twin brother, Manpei. I just checked the mailing options at my work yesterday afternoon (I work at a postal outlet) and our options depend on how big our parcel is. I'll post the estimated price as soon as the project's been confirmed.

Anyway, the question is: Are you guys up for it? I already talked to Annie myreasoninlife, who is the owner of manpei_yey and she said that she's gonna join, but we won't finalize things until July since it's too early. I just want to announce it here so that we can discuss what would be our "ground rules" for sending stuff, as well as if we're going to have a "theme" for the project or something like that.

This has been a pretty long entry, I hope I was able to make up for my absence. Thanks and have a great day everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood mod,
Angela iikanji
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Takagi Twins Fanvid [May 20, 2007 @ 11:43pm]
This is actually a re-post of ntxoo89's post re: Takagi Twins Fanvid. I had to delete it because the embed object tag doesn't work, so it messes up with the layout. To ntxoo89, I hope it's okay to re-post this!

Anyway, here's the YouTube link. And to everyone, if you're going to share some clips related to Shinpei, would you please use a hyperlink instead of embedding it here? That would save us a lot of trouble. Thank you!

Nachural Update [April 14, 2007 @ 8:31pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Nachural just placed up a gallery, yes, a gallery featuring the Takagi twins! So, if you want to check this out, which I am sure you do, it is located HERE.

Enjoy. ;D

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Takagi Shinpei's Official Blog [February 14, 2007 @ 1:55am]
It's here! It's here!

Nachural has just announced the official blog of Takagi Shinpei. You can now visit it using this URL.

And yes, to those who know that I do translate blog entries, this is going to be on my list. <3
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Takagi twins photoshoot [February 10, 2007 @ 10:58pm]
I just visited the official Nachural blog and saw some of the 'behind-the-scenes' shoot of the Takagi twins with Takiguchi Yukihiro, Oono Kento, and Yuuki Juuta. I think this is the first time I've seen the twins together and they look really... cute. ^^;;

You can visit the Nachural blog here.
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Takagi Shinpei Talk [January 26, 2007 @ 2:27pm]
Takagi Shinpei Live Talk
February 25, 2007
Place: Rikkoukai Hall
Website info: West Power

There's going to be a photoshoot and handshake event as well. :p (I won't be there, but oh well. LOL)
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A little incident [January 16, 2007 @ 8:15pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Hi, don't know if it's okay to post this, but since I saw it I couldn't let it pass by and have several Shinpei-fangirl miss it.
Since Shinpei doesn't have a blog, (at least that I know of 0.o) this "thing" that happened can be read at Yanagishita Tomo's blog.

But there is a translation, it's also where I found out (because I can't read Japanese X'O)
I'm sorry to link to another community, but I wouldn't and will not steal it, so I'm linking to it instead.
It's OMG you'll never believe it! A kiss.


[MOD] Welcome to shinpei_yey! [January 05, 2007 @ 10:28pm]
Well, I have nothing else to say but welcome to shinpei_yey! All rules and info are in the userinfo page, so you might want to check that out. No fancy layout yet, so if someone is willing to make one, kindly contact me, okay? Otherwise, enjoy!
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